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Наша цель - устранить трудности на рынке труда - для всех и везде. Мы представляем себе мир, в котором соискатели смогут работать в желаемое время и в желаемом месте, а предприятиям будет работать более комфортно.

Məqsədləri üçün risk almaqdan qorxmayan komandaya qoşul!

Наши вакансии

  • What should I do to join and work at TEZISH?
    Working on temporary jobs is in this format: Download TEZISH app Provide your full name, phone number, and email and register. Create a profile: provide accurate information about yourself, work experience, and contact information for your reference. The TEZISH team invites you to a 10-minute physical or video interview. After your information is verified by the TEZISH team (which may take 1-3 days), you sign the service contract
  • How can I start working at TEZISH?
    TEZISH does not charge you any form of payment
  • Why was my application not accepted?
    Your application may not be accepted for three reasons: Location: TEZISH is currently not active in the area where you reside. Incompatible work experience: The type of work experience you have is not currently available on the TEZISH platform (we currently partner with hotels, restaurants, and cafes), or your work experience is insufficient (less than 3 months) or too old (more than 3 years). Legal age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Who will pay my earnings after the job is done and when?
    Upon successfully completing the job, your earnings will be transferred to your bank account by TEZISH within 7 business days, and you will receive a notification about it in your email.
  • What happens if I want to cancel a task I agreed?
    If you want to cancel a task, please contact us as soon as possible. You can refuse the job you have been accepted for up to 24 hours before the job starts without any negative impact on your rating. However, refusing within less than 12 hours will have a negative impact on your rating. Not informing us or no show up to a task will result in your account being frozen for an undefined period of time.
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