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"TEZISH" Integrates "SİMA İmza" for Online Contract Signing of Freelancers

The possibility of freelancers to sign a contract in TEZISH with SIMA Signature

Baku Azerbaijan

"TEZISH" is pleased to announce that it has integrated "SİMA İmza", created by "AzInTelecom" LLC under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, into its platform to facilitate the contract signing process of freelancers.

With the integration of the "SIMA Signature" digital signature, service contracts between TEZISH and freelancers will now be signed online, making the signing process secure and the hiring process easier, faster and compliant with the law. That is, the biggest benefit of the new generation digital signature to TEZISH users is that it reduces the signing time of contracts from a few days to a few seconds, which makes TEZISH's value proposition to its customers even more valuable.

The integration is currently active on the mobile application "TEZISH: İş axtaranlar".

Freelancers can download SIMA application and register once to get "SIMA Signature" digital signature. Detailed information related to "SIMA Signature" can be obtained from the company's website and 157 Call Center.

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